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I’ve just gotten back from holiday, to the news that the job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago is mine.  So, in the next two weeks, I start a new job, move to a new house in a new city with a new roommate, and get entirely new furniture.  A time for new beginnings, I think.

If this isn’t the time to actually start jogging, like I keep telling myself that I will, there will never be one.

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Another AGENTS OF SHIELD Trailer!!!

This is everything I’ve ever wanted in my life.  Everything.  EVERYTHING.

If that is Luke Cage, if they’re using this to build up some lesser known heroes, if they’re doing this to give them a chance to build a fanbase, I will weep nerdy tears of joy.

I will be an incoherent pile of sobbing hysteria and I don’t even give a damn.

I need this so much

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Odd Things To Happen At Work #10

It was quiet this morning, and i was washing up in the kitchen, getting ready for the lunchtime rush.  In this situation, you’d think the chefs would be cleaning, or getting ready in some way.  Not our chefs.  They decided this downtime was best spent hard-boiling an egg, half-shelling it, cutting it open and then giving it eyes made of lime pips and a bacon tongue.

The most disturbing part was when they squirted tomato ketchup into the middle, then crushed it.

I will never get that image out of my head.  Never.

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